Union Mobile Financial Technology (UMF) provides fast, reliable cross-border payment and marketing solutions.

Just ask UMF's 450 million active Chinese users. They transacted over $130 billion (USD) with us last year. 

We bring China's massive market to your doorstep. 




 China Payment Gateway

Our efficient and secure China Payment Gateway covers Inbound and Outbound B2B/B2C payment applications. From global marketplaces paying their Chinese sellers to Chinese consumers buying from North American merchants using their favorite payment platforms, UMF offers fast, stable, and reliable integrated cross-border payment solutions


China Express

UMF assists its clients with localized, multi-channel marketing and sales solutions to reach into the China market. UMF works with clients to develop customized China Express sales sites providing consumers carefully developed product selections and promotions to build brand awareness, traction, and loyalty.


China Marketplace

UMF provides a localized marketplace platform for North American merchants to access China's massive consumer market. Leveraging UMF’s large marketing channel and local resources allows clients to accelerate their market share and user acquisition objectives. 

Financial Technology Innovator


For over 10 years, Union Mobile Financial Technology (UMF) has been innovating in China's FinTech industry. Our international subsidiary, UMF International, provides its customers with fast, reliable, and convenient cross-border payments services. From accessing China’s 500+ million e-commerce consumers with customized marketing programs to securely providing fast, stable cross-border payment settlement, our team can help your company cross the bridge to China’s e-commerce market.



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